Edinburgh College Academies

Edinburgh College is excited to announce that it will be setting up a new range of academies in music, sound production, film and television. These are very flexible and a great way to formalise an arrangement which they can then tailor to individual programme needs. They are designed to enrich and add value to the activities students are currently undertaking in Creative Media, Music or Music Tech, provide opportunities for their staff to come and deliver a bespoke workshop at your school/centre, and for your students to come and perform, workshop and exhibit their work at one of their campus in June.

The benefits of these academies will be:

  • Provides students with knowledge and understanding of working on college level qualifications,
  • consolidates current learning
  • Prepares students who may wish to progress to full time media, music or sound production courses
  • Excellent experience for college and university applications
  • Introduction to the qualification with ECMS/ECTV staff
  • Invitation to perform, showcase and workshop work at Edinburgh College (Cre:8 at Milton Road, or The Music Box at Sighthill)
  • Sharing work and skills with other students with similar interests

Following a workshop in your school or centre in January/February 23 they will provide access to resources that allow for students to achieve the award using evidence already generated as part of their current curriculum/programme. In June they will invite groups of schools/centres in together for a collective performance/workshop/showcase.

The flexibility of the Academies serves as a great platform to connect with the college in a meaningful way and they are happy to explore other activities to support your students experience, in the development of their creative specialism and onto further and higher levels of study.