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Setting Up an RSS Feed

If you’d like to get notifications when ELjam or one of your other favourite sites posts on their blog, you can set up an RSS feed. This will save you from having to keep checking the website to see what’s new. It’s a bit like push notifications, but not all websites have that function available to them.

Click here for instructions on how to set up MS Outlook to receive emailed updates. (NB your RSS Feeds folder will be near the bottom of your folder list on the left hand side of the screen. If “Add a new RSS feed” isn’t showing then your administrator doesn’t allow this function, so you might need to try an alternative – see below).

You can also add web apps as an extension to your browser or download an app to your phone. If you search for feed readers, there are lots to choose from. ELjam hasn’t tested them and certainly can’t promote any one in particular, but here are a couple of quick info pages to help you, if you decide to go down this route. Once you have the extension added to your browser, you can have multiple sites all feeding your live stream and you can view the posts from within your browser or phone app.

Feeder – RSS Feed Reader

Feedly blog