To support an outdoor approach to learning we are providing signposting to, and practical Outdoor Learning resources for digital learning and teaching.

If you are an ELC school you can follow the link through the Outdoor Learning Online Resources document. This will take you to some of the best resource sheets available for Outdoor Learning lessons.

In readiness for school return in August see Guidance and Support for all schools to make the best use of learning outdoors for education recovery.

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Guidance and Support

Outdoor learning, within Learning for Sustainability, is already embedded in CfE, in our GTCS standards and school inspections.  Learning in the outdoors can make significant contributions to literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.

In order to enhance the outdoor aspect of the curriculum and comply with government guidelines there are a number of ways Outdoor Learning can support education recovery and build a richer curriculum beyond COVID-19 within the refreshed CfE narrative

Below you will find links to a host of guidance and support resources, including a growing bank of practical lessons for teaching CfE outdoors.

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