Festive Canoeing …

Final friday of the year!  While most softer folk were off for their Christmas Dinners seven of the hardier S1 Knox pupils opted for a canoe up the Tyne.  We put in at the Aubigny , and paddled up to the meadow in front of Clerkington Mill – a great location for a festive picnic of mince-pies and mulled fruit punch heated on the fire.

This was the second of a four session program of Outdoor Ed sessions being delivered to Knox.  The program’s acronym is ROPE … which stands for Rock, Orienteer, Paddle and Explore.  The first Rock session was at Tranent climbing wall, and the festive canoe trip was the Paddle. In January there will be an Orienteering/navigation in the Lammermuirs.  It’s then up to the pupils, with some guidance, to select a day long exploration of somewhere further afield.   Options include climbing a munro, or traversing the Chain Walk in Fife.

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  1. It’s great to see these photos and read a bit more about the ROPE program. I’d been getting told about these, but I’m a bit slow to the pictures and explanations are much appreciated. 😉

    We arrived here hoping there might be some photos of today’s cross-country skiing, but it’s maybe a bit early for that… hopefully there will be some to look forward to!

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