River Deep, Mountain High

More appropriate title would be Stream Shallow, Valley Steep.

We had the pleasure of working with a select group of students from Ross High. They are currently undertaking their John Muir Award – Discovery Level. The programme is running in conjunction with East Lothian Ranger Service. This morning  was designed to enable the pupils to get up close and personal with a steep sided valley and appreciate the erosive froces at work throughout the valley. We chose to go to Bilsdean so that we could have a fire on the beach for hot drinks for our midmorning break.

In the very bottom of the valley
In the very bottom of the valley

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The pupils have some more fantastic sessions with the Ranger service before returning to the Outdoor Education service to explore a wild place by canoe.

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  1. This made me smile! I remember at least two of them from my teaching days at Tranent – they are all grown up!

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