Schools Orienteering Competition

The Results


All the results for both primary courses are on the one spreadsheet – including all the split times (individual times for each leg)


All the results are in order of points – maximum points available were 700.

The Images

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The Primary Competition …

The Secondary Competition …

The Report

The weather was fantastic for the annual schools orienteering competition held at John Muir Country Park near Dunbar. In the morning was the primary competition. Two trophies up for grabs: a P4/5 trophy for pairs of students of this age; a P 6/7 trophy where students were required to compete solo.

For the first time in this annual events history the competitors were able to have a printout of their results immediately thanks to electronic timing. One or two pairs of the first P4/5 competitors returned not having been to all controls but they had a great time finding the ones they did. Pretty soon competitors were returning to receive their results and able to compare immediately with each other. Fairly early in the day the current holders of the P6/7 trophy arrived – Gullane Primary. So confident were they that they had left the trophy at school – does it stay there?

Later on in the morning the last primary competitors returned to school leaving the outdoor education staff, rangers and other helpers able to feast (mostly on cake).

After 1pm the secondary schools began arriving registering for a score event. A score event is where each control has a certain value and the competitors have a certain length of time to punch as many controls as possible – in this case 40 minutes. The mass start began at 2:17pm The immediacy of results at the end of the 40 minutes meant that there was quite a buzz around the finish area. Most competitors realised that the penalties for returning late – after 40 minutes – wasn’t worth risking.

Abby D from Preston lodge deserves a mention as the highest placed finisher who clearly competed on her own.

The trophies will be going to the following schools for this year
Knox Academy Secondary trophy
East Linton P 4/5 trophy
Yester Primary P 6/7 trophy

These trophies have been calculated by taking a mean average of all competitors from each school that completed the course (primary) and the mean average score (secondary)

  • Are there other ways that the results could be calculated?
  • Does it give a different result?
  • How can the results be presented differently?

The Possibilities

Following on from this event back at school there are a myriad of ways that the pupils could chose to take their learning in line with CfE. Pupils could choose to: look at maps and mapping; land use and access; compass – history/use/types; health and fitness; numeracy – speed/ distance/time calculations; presentation of data – statistical manipulation.
Some schools are currently looking into the possibility of hosting their own events with the help of the outdoor education team – or indeed hosting a community orienteering event with all the aspects that this brings: marketing;hospitallity;course planning;access.

For more information on how orienteering links to a Curriculum for Excellence see the presentation delivered at the recent East Lothian TeachMeet.

The Thanks

Ranger Service

Mr Al Paul

Mr Robin Strain

The school staff that brought the eager competitors

Regular users of John Muir Country Park

The Maps

Click on the thumbnail below to see a map of your course.

Primary P4-P5 Course

Primary P6-P7 Course

Primary P6-P7 Course

S2 Score Course

S2 Score Course

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6 Responses to Schools Orienteering Competition

  1. Bill Stephen says:

    Once again looks like an amazing event. Well done all. The cakes for staff also look good.

    Great presentation at the teachmeet too!

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  3. MrT says:

    Cool stuff, ran an Orienteering session for our D of E grp last year. I’m planning an S1 O project next session, CfE Graphics, Numeracy and OL. Survey and measure the school (Numeracy) and use Graphics skills to produce the map.

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