What is the ROPE Challenge?


The ROPE Challenge is a program of adventurous outdoor activities provided to Knox Academy by the Outdoor Education Service supported by Active Schools .

ROPE stands for Rock-climbing, Orienteering, Paddling and Exploration. The first three sessions introduce participants to different land and water based outdoor activities. While these are short sessions , the key skills of the activity are covered and they are intended to whet the appetite for future particpation.

The final, Exploration session, is designed to be ‘pupil-led’, with participants provding input to selecting the venue and activity from a choice of options – based on their experiences to date. A key feature of the program is to keep the session content flexible, making the best of conditions on the day; within the bounds of the guidlines and risk-assessments. For example, the day planned for Orienteering coincided with the best snow conditions seen in East Lothian for many years, so we went skiing. To see all posts tagged with ‘Rope’ … Click here.

The objectives of program are …

  • To provide a variety of outdoor activity sessions, within a structure program, that encourages future participation
  • To challenge participants in a number of outdoor environments
  • To provide choice and be ‘pupil-led’ for the Exploration
  • Encourage progression of group-work and dynamics through the program
  • At the end of the program all participants are provided a completion certificate listing the activities attended. The first program was run with a Knox S1 group over the winter, and based on this success is being extended to an S2 group through to Easter.

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