Sailing on Musselburgh’s Golden Pond

The ice sheets of the past months on the Lagoons have finally receded. This has meant that our introduction to sailing course has been able to go ahead as planned. Wetsuits all round as the ice may have gone but the water temperature isn’t much higher than freezing. The reason for doing the course so early in the year s to ensure that everyone has a chance to continue sailing with a local sailing club (ELYC) (Fisherrow) for the rest of the sailing season (warmer months).

Everyone on the course is involved in teaching young people in some guise.

How can sailing be used as as educational tool; what curricula links exist; what learning can be achieved through messing about in boats; can sailing engage pupils in different aspects of learning?

Some images from the three evenings of the course are shown below

Congratulations to all on the course.

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