Campie pupils journey up Death Valley

Wednesday and Thursday Outdoor Ed were helping run the sessions of the Lammermuir hillwalks being delivered to Campie Primary’s P7s by Fiona Stark.

The group started from Hopes farm and walked up Sting Bank Burn at the end of the reservoir. Due to the large number of dead sheep, weasle traps and fox snares seen there this area is now affectionately known to the pupils as Death Valley. A snack at the top , a swift march , a roll down the hills and a quick paddle had the group back at the mini-bus after an adventurous day out.

Post-script … Thursday’s group showed excellent teamwork by helping one of their less mobile classmates make it all the way up and round the dam … look in the pictures for the ‘human dog-sled team’ helping to pull the buggy up the dam track.

Click here to see a full screen slideshow …

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