Wallyford Primary Innerwick Camp

Wallyford Primary P5 Innerwick camp could not have asked for better weather!  New and exciting experiences had by all including Extreme Rockpooling, River Dipping, Gorge Walking, Environmental Awareness Sessions and for some their first nights away from home…

Sucessfully arranged by the staff at Wallyford Primary, along with Outdoor Education and the Ranger Service.

East Linton Innerwick Camp

While Innerwick may not be that big a distance in miles … when you’re only 8 or 9 this is a pretty big adventure. For many of East Linton Primary’s P4’s this was the first nights away from home. A short mini-bus ride to Innerwick Outdoor Education Centre, a quick unpack and a drink and it was time to head for the hills … or rather a hill-walk to Fairy Castle.

While some pupils may have been disappointed not to see fairly lights and turrets … those in the group interested in the geology of East Lothian were not disappointed to see the remnants of ancient desert formations eroded 390 millions years ago.

The following day the class traveled round to North Berwick Law for a pretty hot and sweaty day of exploring the Law on foot … and sometimes on their hands while tackling some of the climbs on the slabs.

Pictures of just two of the many activities can be seen in the following slide-show …

(Click on the slide-show to download any photos from the album)

A trip like this may not be that long, or be that far from home – however it is an excellent experience that fosters self confidence and organisation skill in pupils at an early age. And in addition provides a taste for outdoor adventures right on their doorstep.

In Awe of Ross High and their Bull

This years cohort of Silver level DofE students from Ross High have just completed their expedition by sea kayak, The aim of the expedition was to paddle the length of Loch Awe over three days and on the way document and clean up old fire/ camp sites. The images below show some of the sites they came across and their efforts to Leave No Trace of others. (More images coming soon)

Students completed their expedition and at the very end of their trip discovered a bull stuck in the mud right up to it’s neck. After a call to the local landowner the students got to watch: tractor; 3 fire engines; control unit; quad bike; landrover; police car. With all these resources thrown at him the Bull has survived to sire again!

Congratulations to all students who now need to complete their expedition report in order for this section of their Award to be signed off as finished.
FTAO Ross students. For video content that you can download for use in a presentation please click here
The pictures above can be downloaded for use in your projects also.

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