Local Access Forum

Over the summer one child gave up an afternoon of her summer holiday to give a presentation to East Lothian’s local access forum. The presentation was given on how they had, through their school camp, come to appreciate the finer points of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code – rights; responsibilities; care for the environment. The forum (around 15 people from a variety of arenas concerned with access) heard how this pupils and her classmates had been able to appreciate nature first hand and spend nights under the stars whilst still Leaving No Trace.
It was a wonderful presentation to witness as a P7 pupil captivated an audience within a conference room of the council offices. It highlighted the immense value of experience as a way to get the message of responsible access across to young people. Here’s to a new academic year of many more such valuable experiences for both young and old.

Many thanks to Leigh Shearer (EL Ranger Service) and the staff of Elphinstone Primary.

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