All our Yester-days

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Groups of P4, P5 and and P6 pupils from Yester Primary School managed to coincide their Outdoor Learning days with a run of some spectacularly brilliant late-Summer sunshine.

Monday had the first two groups journeying up the Tyne by canoe. Perfect tranquil conditions on the water, saw the groups both paddling (with paddles) and poling (with poles) from the weir at Aubigny to Clerkington Mill. A couple of the afternoon group even managed to do some unexpected swimming. And helped with capsize recovery.

On Wednesday another group visited the golden waters of Musselburgh lagoons, where again perfect calm conditions helped them learn a number of canoes skills … and again some felt they the need to sample the waters a little closer.

On Thursday two more groups visited the crags on Traprain, our local laccolith, for a spot of sun-baked rock-climbing. Here the groups learned how to climb and belay, looking after each other safely.

Thanks to Mandy from Yester and parent-helper Jennifer for their assitance. Also thanks to the pupils for working so well together, rising to the challenges and enjoying learning a number of new skills on land and water.

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