Gorillas in the mist

Not quite Gorillas but S3 pupils from across East Lothian. Six teams representing secondary schools from across the county took part in the S3 Challenge – all competing for the Golden Boot.

The event was held in and around High Wood over in the east of our county. On the day visibility remained at no more than fifty metres. It made for some challenging navigational issues for all teams. In a variety of challenges throughout the days journey pupils were required to work collaboratively to acheive success and gain tokens throughout the day. The ‘pinpointing their location by photograph’ was a particularly tricky task considering the weather conditions.

Preston Lodge held the trophy from last year but were forced at the end of the day to pass it over to North Berwick High who get to display the Golden Boot in pride of place in their trophy cabinet.

Thanks once again to all pupils and staff that came along on the day.

Next Challenge is for S1 Friday 5th November.

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