Of paddles and paperwork …

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Last week I attended the UK CC L2 Canoe and Kayak Coach Training at Glenmore Lodge. As always we were well looked after – in fact I’m sure I’ve returned a couple of pounds heavier.

The course was delivered by Ian Sherington and Shaun Roberts of the Lodge, observed and often ably assisted by the George Fell. The instruction was excellent, they even managed to lay on a whole week of no wind and lots of sun. The Level 2 Coaching Award is up a notch from the Level 1 in terms of the slickness and variety of coaching styles expected, the higher standard you can coach and assess paddlers to (up to the 2 Star Award) – and most importantly it demands that you are able to design and deliver a progressive set of sessions to your students.

So why the post title ‘Of paddles and paperwork …‘ ? Yes, it was a good course we had a lot of time out on the water in excellent conditions … but unfortunately too many valuable course hours were required to be taken up with helping us candidates to navigate our way through the labyrinth of UKCC / BCU paperwork, evidence gathering and down-right bureaucracy that is required to be collated for our assessment. I believe that moves are afoot to simplify this process and this really can’t come too soon. It’s one thing asking those of us who need these awards for their jobs to do this – it’s quite another to expect those who volunteer to go through this torture.

Anyway I’ll try and put that out of my mind for now and just get on with enjoying my paddling … as with these courses there were lots of laughs to relieve the stress of delivering sessions to your peers, so thanks to Lesley, Andrew, Imogen, Ian, Mark and John for some great banter. And also see Lesley’s Blog for more chat and pictures…

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