Is this the new Lady of Yester House?

Ok , sorry if you’ve already seen the news, and no this isn’t an early April’s Fool post – rumour is that Lady Gaga,is in the final stages of purchasing Yester House, by Gifford. Or so the press are saying.

Hopefully she’ll be seen having a pint in the Gobin H’a Hotel, perhaps popping down the road to duet with East Lothian’s most famous local rocker.

So why is this news of any interest to the East Lothian’s ‘Outdoor Learning community‘?

I’ve taken many groups up around the Gobiln Ha’ Castle on the edge of the Yester Estate – from DofE Expeds and cross-country skied there last Winter. What better way to bribe encourage youngsters into the outdoors than with the real chance of seeing Ms Gaga, resplendent in a lobster hat, mowing the lawns of Yester Estate?

2 Replies to “Is this the new Lady of Yester House?”

  1. I also had an offer in! It would make a great outdoor education centre or replacement for Innerwick.

    I guess I needed a better Pokerface during the negotiations!

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