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Just another day at school?

‘What did you do at school today son?’
‘Really? You must have done something?’
‘Well this guy came in to school from the Outdoor Learning Service. He drove us to their base in Musselburgh where we got kitted out like Arctic explorers. Then we went up into the Lammermuirs and snow-shoed up a hill called Spartelton through meter high snow drifts’
‘But did you learn anything?’
‘I learned how to snow-shoe, how to build an emergency snow shelter called a shovel-up and how to stay warm in sub-Arctic conditions’
‘So you didn’t do any school work?’
‘Well for one thing we did some Physics … I now understand that for a constant mass increasing the surface area reduces the pressure per unit area. That’s how snow shoes work. And …’
‘Ok,ok, that’s enough … can I see any pictures?’
‘Sure , just click here for a full-screen slide-show’

OS map copyright – good news for schools

If you are in a school and are afraid that copying OS maps is an infringement of OS copyright – don’t be! So long as you state that it’s OS copyright, and that the copy is for educational purposes then you can make copies of parts of 1:50k Landranger and 1:25k Explorer maps. I have this confirmed in writing from local OS in Scotland.

Using our new wizzy colour scanner-printers you can get near perfect reproductions by scanning the paper map and printing. Yes, copying and printing can be expensive, but at a few pence a copy, it’s actually a lot cheaper and, once laminated, more hard-wearing and convenient than a whole map. A small section copied and laminated is a much better way to get all members of the group engaged in navigation than a shared map – especially if it’s in a rucksack!

I’ve heard comments that DofE expeds must use a whole map. I guess the concern is that groups will ‘walk off’ a small laminated section, or that not having a key they’ll instantly forget what the symbols are. My view on this is that so long as one person in the group has a whole map in the bottom of their sack then giving each of them a handier small section is much better for a whole host of reasons. For one thing they are far less likely to get lost.

So get copying, don’t forget to add the ‘intended use’ statement, acknowledge OS copyright, make sure that the section has the northings and eastings for taking grid refs and treat your DofE expeds and other school groups to a map each.

How Good Is Our Culture & Sport

So… How good is our culture and sport in east lothian? Can we evidence this? How can we improve? The Outdoor Learning Service has chosen just one of the many programmes they offer to investigate some of these questions with regards to their service…

Press the arrow to move from slide to slide or click more to autoplay or see it fullscreen

Fraser Kiernan

Some very sad news. Fraser Kiernan, biology teacher and DofE leader at PL, passed away after a very short and sudden illness on Friday.

As well as being a keen canoer and kayaker Fraser was a huge advocate, supporter and organiser of outdoor learning for PL pupils.

His wicked sense of houmour and fun will be especially missed by all of us here at the Outdoor Learning Service. Our thoughts are with his family.