Lunch skiing … the results are in!

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Big thanks to the ELC staff who gave up part of their lunch-hour to try cross-country skiing on Wed, and to donate some money to a great charity. In the end 17 folk turned up, which given the late notice, was excellent.

It was never meant to be a competitive event, but just like school kids at an orienteering event, give someone a dibber and it’ll sharpen their technique and commitment every time. And if you don’t know what a dibber is, click here.

So for those that care about results (which is normally the winners) we have in joint 3rd place with 3mins 30 seconds (yes really) Debra Wright and Paul Ince. But in 1st place, pipping them by just 1 second, was Mr IT, Alan Cruickshank. Thanks again for all who came along.

If you haven’t yet made your donation to Disability Snowsport UK then please visit the Justgiving site here. A couple of pounds for a once-in-a-lifetime experience ‘cmon!

3 Replies to “Lunch skiing … the results are in!”

  1. Looks great, this is what folks should be doing in this weather instead of mumping about it.
    Great that donations were made to a good cause.

  2. A great use of time and resources in the cold wintery day. Lots of happy glowing faces at the end of the circuit so I would think you have a few conversions and a few rekindled cross-country ski enthusiasts. Well done.

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