My work experiance: Innes Stevenson

On Thursday I went canoeing on the Tyne ageing with Dunbar primary school. We set off from the base at eight thirty five to drop the canoes off at the river and then to Dunbar, when we got to Dunbar there was some much exited children. We made the short trip back to Haddington where we all suited up in full water proofs and put on buoyancy aids. After we all carried the canoes over the bridge where Martyn gave a short talk about the river and the mills in Haddington, then continued on to the river. Everyone was paired up and put into open top canoes (apart from me) and were left to try and work out how to paddle and which way to sit.
At the start of the part of river we were at there was a weir (or an event horizon) so all the kids thought they were going down it but were safely tied to a tree on the river bank. All of us were then tied to each other in a big snake and told nothing about how to paddle but had to go up stream. After a long trip up a short stretch of river and past an island we all were untied and left once ageing to fend for ourselves.
A little later and a short way up stream we were finally told how to paddle. Being in a two man canoe on my own was harder than expected as only being able to paddle on side at a time was hard but after a little help I managed to get the hang of only paddling on one side and made real progress. Unlike some of the children who made their way up stream by crashing into each side and every other obstacle. By the end of the lesson all the group were much better and managed to go back down river with no major bumps.
At the end of the lesson when one of the teachers was getting out the boat one of the students tried to help them out and successfully capsized the boat! After a quick trip to Dunbar and back we loaded up the canoes onto the trailer then we set for home.

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