S2 Orienteering Competition

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10th February 2011.
Weather – glorious winter sunshine.
Venue – John Muir Country Park – near Dunbar.
Event – Secondary Orienteering Competition 2011.

Last Years winners were Knox Academy. All secondary schools were represented – except Preston Lodge. Our previously cancelled S6 challenge was moved to this event also. Only two schools managed to field a team of S6 pupils –  difficult time of year for S6 pupils to get out of school for an hour.

The results of the S2 competition can be found at s2 o-comp 2011 results and the S6 results at s6 o-comp 2011 results Some excellent scores were posted – the maximum score available was 700.

Congratulations to Ross High who are this years winners courtesy of  Katie B. Congratulations to Gregor M from Knox Academy (winners of S6 competition), not only achieving a maximum score but doing so in an incredible 22 minutes!

Further opportunities to take part in orientering can be found at the following links

East of Scotland Orienteering Association

East Lothian Orienteers

Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Click here to see a video of Knox’s victorious winner celebrating.

See you ll at next year’s competition (change of venue planned)

Primary Orienteering Competition 2011

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East Lothian Primary Orienteering Competition 2011 took place today at John Muir Country Park near Dunbar. Conditions were extremely wet underfoot but all pupils equipped themselves  well and completed their age class course.

Over 300 pupils attended the event

There were two trophies up for grabs. P4/5 and P6/7. The winning schools are Yester P4/5 and Windygoul P6/7.

Many thanks for all staff and helpers that came along with each school.

Results are available by clicking on the following links

2011 Primary 4/5
2011 Primary 6/7

Copies of the competition maps will be sent to every competing school so that they are available for work to be done in conjunction with the results: speed, distance, time; route choice; problem solving; map symbols etc

McGonagall – alive and well?

Here is a poem written by an admirer and long time supporter of  East Lothian’s Outdoor Learning Service.

Outdoor Education is no more,
‘cause OUTDOOR LEARNING has come to the fore!

Acronyms seem to be the thing,
Wear a badge of honour, just like ‘bling’.
“I’ve more letters after my name than you,
I’ll have the whole alphabet with another two!”

I’ve hardly started, that’s just a few.
Review the course – it’s part of the fee,
When all you want is a good cup of tea.

Hill walking and climbing are still going on,
Curriculum for Excellence is getting strong.
Sailing, kayaking, coasteering too,
I’ve only named a paltry few.

The stocks of gear has grown and grown,
Blokarts, Kelly kettles and snowshoes they now own.
Plenty warm gear for water and land,
So not cold anymore, if you just have to stand.

If you injure yourself, you’ve got it made,
Just join the course, ‘cause they do FIRST AID !
Choice: that’s the thing – it’s courses galore,
Can they please everyone ? Can they do anymore?

A ‘new build’, smashing and fit for a queen,
Here in Musselburgh at the foot of Goose Green.
Office, 2 classrooms, changing rooms too,
Things have developed, it just grew and grew.

Minibus, trailers, kayaks all in one place,
Washing machine and drying room, so no one looks a disgrace.
Their own kitchen with fridge, so there is no need to flap,
But the ‘piece de resistance’ is a beautiful tap!

It’s slim, it’s slender, it’s shaped like an L,
An architect’s dream – couldn’t you tell ?
Quality shutter doors, it’s not been stingy,
But a major issue was getting an upstairs windae!

Imagine the view that would have been lost,
The Forth, Edinburgh, Fife at little extra cost.
The upstairs classroom would have just been ‘classroom 2’,
But now it can be known as the ‘Room with a view’!

From a base in Gullane, to Prestonpans and then Tranent,
To a new home in the Honest Toun they were eventually sent.
With computers and mobiles, email and text,
It will be interesting to watch where Outdoor Learning goes next!

(With apologies to) William McGonagall

The last of the Mohicans?

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Three of Dunbar Grammar’s S3 Geographers ventured out down a windy A1 to visit the showcase waterfall in Dunglas Dean on Friday. Standing in, under and behind the waterfall the boys readily identified the plunge pool, overhang, soft/hard rock and the upward path of river erosion creating the Dunglas Dean, or gorge.

All the boys were certain that the images would stay with them and help them to better understand river processes.