R.O.P.E … the story so far

A group of 8 S3 pupils have been out on a program of Adventurous Outdoor Activies called ROPE being delived by the Outdoor Learning Service.

On Tuesday the group visited the climbing wall at Tranent, where they learned the basics of indoor-climbing and peer belaying. Yesterday the group travelled down to Lothain Edge above Dunbar where they competed on a Orienteering score course. Conditions yesterday were pretty challenging. Very poor visibility (less than 20m at times) meant that the teams needed to really focus on their contour interpretation to get home that night – let alone finding controls!

Click on the image above (sorry you’ll not see it on the Corporate Network) to view images on fullscreen or to download

The course had a 40 minute time limit with a penalty applied for over-runs. So the challenge was to plan your route to gain as many points (by finding controls), and loose as few by not overuning. In the end Eilha and Eilidh Mc were victoious. While they didn’t score as high as the other teams – they incurred the least penalty points.

Click here for results. And sorry … if I’ve made a mistake in here … just give me a break, with two Elidhs and an Eilha it can get confusing.

So that was the R for rock-climbing, followed by O for Orienteering.

Next week it’s P for Paddling, a canoe trip. Followed by the E (which I intended to be for Explore (but the pupils seem to believe stands for Enything – but will probably be a gorge walk.)

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