Go for It Girls storm Holyrood

Go for It Girls – an inspiring group of young females from schools all across East Lothian who have spent the last year working with Leigh Shearer and a little support from the Outdoor Learning Service – accepted an invitation to share some of their experiences over this past year in parliament and with some MSP’s.

The title of the event at Holyrood was Citizens Enjoying Nature. Four groups were represented giving short presentations on some of the work that was being done by these bodies to promote more visitors into the countryside. The four groups giving presentations were Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH); Scottish Badgers; Scottish Wildlife Trust(SWT); Scottish Countryside Ranger Association(SCRA).

All very interesting presentations on how each of these bodies are encouraging more people into more areas of countryside more often. As part of the SCRA presentation East Lothian’s very own Ranger Leigh Shearer gave a presentation on how the Go for It Girls had been inspiried by the Ranger Service to get out into their own back yard countryside and make a positive contribution to it through partaking in the John Muir Award.

Leigh’s presentation can be viewed below


The girls from the group that attended the presentations worked the room beautifully at the end of the presentations and also made the most of the opportunity to speak to their local MSP (Iain Gray) about their endeavours – see image below

Well done to all girls involved in this project and they will continue their great work by mentoring this next years group.

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