Educational Excursion Forms – What do I do with them?

More and more Educational Excursion Forms (EEF’s) are being submitted by email which in principle is great but in practice we need to set out some guidance to ensure a smoother and more efficient process.

When submitting an EEF form, please adhere to the following:

1. Use the most up to date EEF form – can always be found here

2. Once the form is complete, make sure the form is signed by the Head Teacher/Service Manager or Excursion Coordinator if responsibilities have been delegated by the Head/Manager

3. Write all comments relating to the excursion on the EEF form (not in the email or fax cover sheet this may not get passed on)

4. If emailing, scan/save the form and other relevant documentation as a .pdf document (not a picture file e.g. .jpg or .tiff)

5. If emailing, One single .pdf document should contain all relevant information regarding an excursion (not multiple EEF’s in a single .pdf attachment)

6a. If the excursion contains an Adventurous Activity email the document to  (not Maree Johnston or Liz Brookes) or fax to 01620 827 456

6b. If the excursion does NOT contain an Adventurous Activity but is a Residential or Large Event email to  or fax to 01620 827 291

7. It is the responsibility of the visit organiser to ensure that the form is submitted with sufficient time to be processed.  Submitting the form six weeks in advance will ensure that any issues can be clarified and is essential for residential and nonstandard venues and activities.  Submission of forms less than two weeks before a visit can often result in the trip not being authorised.

8. The visit can only take place once the establishment has received conformation that the visit has been approved (the EEF form will be returned signed for approval or not)

The approval system is in place to be used as a tool to help create safe meaningful excursions with the knowledge that in the event of an incident backup systems are in place.  Full guidance can be found here

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Liz Brookes

East Lothian Council Outdoor Learning Service

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