A river brought to life – Dirleton Primary

Dirleton Primary – P6/7 class have been working on rivers this term and decided that they needed to get some first hand experience of the wet stuff.

The class explored outside on two different days and both did very different investigations.
Half the class went out and compared and contrasted two different sections of the River Tyne – (East Linton and Pencaitland). They took measurements (speed; width; depth – full profile picture) and investigated the life within the river.

The other half of the class spent their day out travelling from Source to Sea. The hardest part of this day was finding the source – who knew it would be uphill!. Once we had found the source though they were safe in the knowledge that the rest of the days journey would be downhill. All the words on the wall of their classroom display are now supplemented with photographs that they have taken. Erosion;deposition;levee; source;meander; flood plain; mouth etc.

The two half of the classess then came inside and compared their work and have put all their experiences together on a display board inside the classoom. A river has been brought to life.

See images below

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