British Schools Orienteering Championships

Pupils from Preston Lodge travelled to Linlithgow on Sunday 20th November to compete in the British Schools Orienteering Championships with the help of the Outdoor Learning Service. All the athletes came away from the event with a creditable performance to their name and are looking forward to undertaking more events. It certainly gave the pupils an impetus to carry on with their own orienteering training with the hope that they can compete again with pupils from all over the UK next year.

We will be meeting up with the athletes soon to analyse their performance through Routegadget – a superb analysing tool.





For all the results and some photos from the event please click here and navigate on the BSOA website.


This is part of the ever expanding orienteering programme at Preston Lodge. An after school orienteering club will begin in the New Year with local orienteering events programmed into this club. It is an embedded part of the curriculum – with shared lessons between departments – Maths and PE.

This has all come about due to an initial CPD run by the Outdoor Learning Service – Teaching Orienteering 1 – please see our staff development pages for details on the next course – and a very enthusiastic member of PE staff at Preston Lodge.


Coming soon – details of the annual East Lothian Schools Orienteering Competition 2012

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