Knox S1 climb to new NICAS levels

Congratulations to the S1 pupils from Knox Academy who achieved their Foundation Climber Level 1 NICAS Award. (National Indoor Climbing Achievement Awards).

To achieve their awards the pupils attended 4 climbing sessions at Tranent, Alien Rock and Ratho. They received coaching on the foundations of climbing and all worked hard to complete their level 1 award.

If your school is interested in Indoor Climbing and pupils acheiving  NICAS awards get in touch with the outdoor learning service and your nominated outdoor learning teacher  

Congratulations guys – great skill, teamwork and  hard work!

If You Wish Upon a Star

Over recent weeks your Outdoor Learning Team have been delivering Orienteering sessions to primary schools all over East Lothian. On these days working as a trio we are able to give high quality orienteering teaching to up to 96 pupils a day. They get a chance to go through basic map setting skills; how to read course descriptions; direction choice; risk awareness; using electronic timing (SportIdent); awareness of stamina and recovery after each course.

West Barns were the most recent recipients of this training and some of their comments (including two stars and a wish) are reproduced below.

Today p6/7 went orienteering at seafield pond. First we got in partners then found a track and had to find aech point on a map. When you got to a point you had a dibber and you had to push the dibber inside the point. Me and Callum won the first 3 out of 4 linear challenges. You won by being the fastest to complete the track. The final track was called score. You had to dibb as many points as possible and the time limit was 4 minutes, if you were over the time limit you got points deducted. Me and my team Callum,Ben and Duncan won!
Star: I enjoyed it very much because I like being active and running about.
Star: I Learnt how to find points on a map
Wish: I think I could of worked better in a team because I kept trying to finnish quickly and left my partner behind.
Star: I learnt the difference between two types of orienteering courses – linear and score. Linear is a line (it doesn’t have to be straight), or a loop, of different dibber posts, from start to finish. Score is when you have a set amount of time (four minutes for our one) and you try to get to as many dibber posts as you can within the time limit. Different ones get you different amounts of points. If you didn’t come back within the time limit you got one point deducted for every ten seconds more than the time limit you got.
Star: I enjoyed using the dibbers because it is bringing new technology into old skills – such as map reading.
Wish: My next step is to make sure everyone in the group gets included.
Wish: My other next step is to practise map reading skills so I get better.
I learnt that you need to have good teamwork with your partner and you have to
make a plan.I enjoyed orienteering because you had to work as a team and to make a plan to prepare for a course.
My next steps are to get better at understanding the map and to find the channels.
Today we took in Orienteering it was active, it was learning so it was learning in a fun way. When we first got there we did some practices for map reading. The most important skill for Orienteering is map reading. We went in pairs and started Orienteering.
STAR: I enjoyed Orienteering because it wasn’t just sitting down in the classroom it was getting some fresh air and it was some exercise too.
STAR: I learnt a bit more about working in a team and giving people the same amount of a chance.
WISH: My next steps are to be a bit more positive towards myself.

For more comments from pupils from West Barns please click here

It’s Snow Joke.

No it really is  true! There are still some places left on the infamous ELC Staff Winter Hillwalking Skills Course.

As snow returns to the Scottish mountains this week why not improve your hill-walking skills and sign up for this amazing event. Whether it’s your first time on the hill in winter or you want to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment for winter hill walking this is the course for you. Based in the Northern Cairngorms this is a weekend residential course that includes all food, transport, teaching and instruction by the Outdoor Learning team and all the equipment you will need.

Shake the winter blues off and get out there and experience the spectacular Cairngorm Mountains  in full winter raiment.

Dates : 1600,24th Feb to 1800 Sunday 26th February – Cost £80.00

For more info contact us or you can book online here

Primary Orienteering Competition

East Lothian’s Primary School Orienteering Competition 2012

Thursday 1st March 2012


Please come along and have your school represented at East Lothian School’s premier Orienteering Event.

  • Entry Free to all East Lothian Primary Schools
  • Two courses – P4/5 (compete in pairs) and P6/7 (compete as individuals)
  • John Muir Country Park (map)
  • Registration open from 10am to 2pm
  • Course closes at 3pm

Please give notification of numbers and approximate arrival time to Martyn as soon as possible.

For reports on previous years orienteering competitions please click here

The accompanying staff with the children will only be needed to supervise the children in the registration area – not any orienteering. Please be aware that this is a competition and there will be no time for teaching of basic orienteering skills during the day. All competitors must have previous orienteering experience.

If you are a member of school staff that would like to know more about teaching orienteering in school then please book onto the Teaching Orienteering Course