Feedback Always Welcomed

Noticed this on my way into work today and thought it may be some direct feedback from one of our navigation courses. (Maybe the perpetrator got disturbed before being able to write the final S)

Our most recent navigation course was last night (Tuesday) when eight hardy souls came out with Andy and Martyn to engage in some poor visibility navigation practice. The weather was perfect – driving rain; swirling high winds; boggy underfoot – truly wonderful experience for all!

No pictures – it was all a bit dark.

3 of our participants are teachers on the verge of achieving their Summer Mountain Leader Award – an award which will mean they can lead groups in UK mountains in summer conditions. This is great news for the young people of East Lothian – more opportunities to take their learning outside.

If anyone can identify the East Lothian location of the picture above then please let us know. First correct reply wins a romer.

One Reply to “Feedback Always Welcomed”

  1. Email feedback from Night Nav participant

    As always, it was a privilege to be out with Outdoor Education. The weather was foul but somehow you just never give it a thought, it seems perfectly normal. As long as your feet are dry and you feel quite cosy, a wee bit wet on your face is not going to bother you. It’s a confidence builder to know you can take bad conditions in your stride.
    The whole thing was quite remarkable specially when we navigated exactly to the desired points.
    As usual it was very worthwhile, very enjoyable, an eye opener and those who didn’t go have no concept of what they are missing.

    Best regards,

    Graeme MacGregor

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