Athelstaneford Archers

It was a real pleasure to be able to visit Athelstaneford this week and set up an archery range and competition for the pupils in their local park.

As can be seen from their blog they have been working hard on the topic of the Olympics this past term.
The pupils came down and discovered some of the complexities of archery: correct archery terms(boss/nock/draw/etc); importance of a solid stance; regulating breathing; scoring system; importance of consistency and concentration.

All pupils performed remarkably well and each group finished with a competition. Our competition was held over 5 metre distance – the olympic shooting distance is 70 metres – almost the entire length of Athelstaneford Park!

More pictures from the day available here

Some results from the day with a four arrow score competition – Some very young archers listed here – perhaps you will see them competing in Brazil in 2016!

Four Arrow Competition

Mckenzie 7
Struan 12
Daisy 1
Jonathan 12
Maya 8
Joe 21
Heather 10
Kiana 15
Fraser 15
Anna 24
Bethan 14
Sam 7
Alastair 28
Callum 21
Zeb 20
Toby 25
Rachel 19
Jasmine 14
Ruaridh 20
Max 11
Callum 15
Emma 14
Toni 7
Lucy 3
Finlay 19
Robbie 13
Courtney 24
Oliver 18

Click here for local archery centre/club in East Lothian