SOAP go to Knoydart

Last week saw the culmination of this year’s SOAP Program. The group planned a multi-activity expedition; canoes and mountaineering. After buying supplies and packing on Sunday we drove up to Kinlochourn on the monday … the ‘gateway to Knoydart’.

A brisk three hour paddle (into the wind) on Monday evening say the group set up base-camp at Barrisdale on the Knoydart peninsular.

Tuesday was spent climbing Ladhar Bheinn, the highest mountain in Knoydart , along and round some great ridges, and top views.

Wednesday was off for a perfect paddle down the loch to the ‘famous’ tea-shed at Corran – for ice-cream wafers.

Highlight of the trip for many was the sailing back down the loch …

… then a swim and some pirate games before the final evening.

As luck would have it the wind had turned to 180 degrees so once again on the Thursday we had to battle back up into the wind before the drive home.

This is the second year of the SOAP Program. The aims of this program are to give pupils the skills, confidence and experiences to undertake ‘outdoor adventures’ in a way closer to what they will do beyond school.

All the pupils seemed to get lots out of it and we are hoping to run another program this year. If you are interested in participating in please leave your details in the comment below this post and someone from the Outdoor Learning Service will contact you.

Click here to see all of the photos in a ‘full screen’ slide show, if you stop the slideshow you should be able to download and save any of the pictures.

5 Replies to “SOAP go to Knoydart”

  1. Well done to all SOAP candidates and staff. To catch Knoydart in these conditions and the views from Loch Hourn and Ladhar Bheinn-fantastic! Best wishes to all, Al Paul.

  2. Amazing week to round off an amazing year with SOAP! Learnt so many things over the course of the year and would definitely recommend SOAP to anyone who loves the outdoors. Thanks to all the Outdoor Education staff for all the experiences! 🙂

  3. Brilliant trip and great year. It went so fast, we learned so much. I would say to anyone interested, just sign up, it is well worth it. Thanks to all the outdoor ed staff, it was unforgettable.

  4. Pretty good expedition all round, it certainly had enough adventure for me! I hope everyone else got as much out of it as I did. My favourite part was the fantastic weather when we canoed to the tea-shed – I somehow managed to get sunburnt. So lastly, I’d like to thank you guys and the outdoor Ed team for such a great time and wish you all the best.

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