On yer Bike

Thanks to a funding grant from Cycling Scotland, your local authority (East Lothian if you weren’t sure!), can offer you free cycle training. This free cycle training is for staff / volunteers and for pupils. More details below.
It is all time bound so please get in touch with Martyn (mpegg@eastlothian.gov.uk) at Outdoor Learning as soon as possible.


Cycle Training Assistant

Cycle Training Assistants deliver Bikeability training Levels 1 and 2 to school aged pupils.
You need to be a competent cyclist
A one day course (dates of set courses below – please contact us for a bespoke course.)There are courses planned for the following dates (all Fridays 9am to 4pm at Musselburgh Outdoor Learning Base)

13 Dec 2013
10 Jan 2014
7th Feb 2014
28 Feb 2014
14 March 2014
4 April 2014

A booking form for this course can be found here


Delivery of on-road Bikeability Level 2 Training

As part of the successful bid we have the resources available to parachute an experienced cycle trainer into your school to help you deliver on-road training.

starting off and stopping
left turn
overtaking and passing side roads
right turns
sharing the road

  1. It is important that all pupils put forward for this training have previously mastered the basic skills required for the awarding of Level 1 Bikeability. All pupils require access to a suitable sized bicycle, helmet and appropriate clothing.
  2. A qualified and experienced trainer will be provided for your school and would require at least one other member of staff/ volunteer to assist.
  3. The training can be delivered on any weekday and from 9.30am to 4.30pm.
  4. It would be really useful if schools who wish to take up this offer could organise pupils so that the trainer could work a whole day – e.g. 4 groups of pupils throughout a day – in order that the best value can be gained from this funding.
  5. In line with ELC guidelines and good practice – no more than 8 pupils at a time will be able to undergo on-road training. All sessions will take place as close as is practicable to the school on reasonable quiet roads.

For those schools who haven’t got any pupils ready to undergo on-road training then please consider organising a Cycle Trainer Assistant course for your staff/parents/volunteers.

As well as the dates above a bespoke course can be delivered at your school (minimum 6 hours). Once again this can be undertaken for no cost

The funding is not available to support any on site training for pupils – it is focused entirely on the road aspects of bikeability training at level 2 and beyond.

If any school is finding that the cost of cover is a barrier to staff attending theses courses then please get in touch as some of the funding is allocated to providing teacher cover costs.

We sincerely hope that your establishment can take up these offers. Whatever the barriers are that may prevent you from doing so then please get in touch and we can endeavour to find some way around them.