Hope(s) for Cockenzie Primary P5

All of Cockenzie P5 are currently having adventure days out on the hills above Hopes reservoir in the Lammermuirs. Confident individuals  and responsible citizens one and all.


The pupils are heading out in small groups looking at what it takes to plan and prepare a full days adventure. Not always easy weather or walking for a P5 pupil in March.

All pupils so far have taken to their adventure very well – showing great resilience; good planning and preparation; empathy toward others; developing good map reading skills.

Feedback from the school
Anthony … was fantastic with the children, providing opportunities for learning, preparing them emotionally and physically before and during the hillwalk, highlighting personal safety and encouraging team work.  The children have all came back so far talking about how great it was, what fun they had and sharing what they remembered and enjoyed with others.  I would recommend this to anyone as outdoor learning of this kind offers wonderful opportunities with highly skilled staff and caters for all children. 

More tales of their adventures and photos are available on their school site here

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