Ross High ASN Adventures

A great day had by all providing an outdoor learning day for all pupils in all classes of Ross High School ASN unit.

IMGP0253 The pupils enjoyed the great weather whilst experiencing cycling; canoeing; wildlife watching (and stroking); blokarting; kayaking; firestarting. The whole day was inspired by Gordon Muchall (teacher within ASN unit) who brought together a wide variety of organisations to help deliver the day. ELC Outdoor Learning; ELC Ranger Service; Beyond Boundaries East Lothian; Calvert Trust

Thanks and congratulations must go to all the staff and volunteers who worked incredibly hard to help all the pupils throughout the day. (Especially the staff who braved the excellent toilet facilities!) The exhausted but happy faces of all at the end of the day told of a great day. Keith from Outdoor Learning along with Gordon and volunteers will continue to work with individual classes to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors through canoeing every Wednesday at Musselburgh Lagoons. A very special thanks must go out to the volunteers (including a local councillor; a bus driver and others) who gave so much of their valuable time to help all. This day couldn’t have happened without them. Many thanks

Educational Excursions & Evolve Update

We recently held the inaugural ‘ELC Educational Excursions & Evolve Update’ meeting.  Click on the presentation below to find out what you need to know about organising excursions as an ELC establishment.  It includes many links to important new guidance documents and information.


Educational Excursions Update May 2014

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need further information or clarification on any of the areas mentioned.

SUP-er days ahead

We had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Byrne from Irish to deliver and ASI series of courses here at your ASI SUP Acredited School


The instructor courses were SUP water rescue; Level 1 instructor Enclosed waters; Level 2 instructor Exposed waters. Attendees included locals to East Lothian and others from across Scotland.

We now have more volunteers who are willing and able to help others across the region to access this most fantatsic of sports.

Photos from the course available can be seen below

It was fantatsic on the last day of the course to be able to showcase East Lothian’s fantastic coastline by paddling around the island of Fidra off Yellowcraig beach. I’m sure all would agree worth the journey whether from Ayrshire or Dublin.

For further information regarding Stand Up Paddleboarding and how to access please contact Martyn –

Book now for 2014/15 and beyond

Specialist Outdoor Learning Teacher ProvisionIMG_5033-1
These days are FREE to schools – limited amount

This is an opportunity for schools to utilise the skills and knowledge of a specialist Outdoor Learning Teacher to work alongside school based teachers to develop lessons/projects to use the outdoor environment and adventurous activities as a medium for delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Adventure Award daysRoss High Silver DofE Sea Kayak
There is a cost to these days of £24 per day (£16 per half day) – presently unlimited number of days to each school

This is an opportunity for young people to gain the skills needed to progress in a range of adventurous activities. Young people have the opportunity to gain local and national certification. All awards meet a range of CfE experiences and outcomes.

Extra curricular/ Extra RequestsPeebles camp
The costs of these days will be £60 per day – presently unlimited number of days for each school

Support the demands on schools and community such as DofE, JMA & Residential experiences and other outdoor learning provision

Staff Development (CLPL) ProgrammeSoutra Gorge MGS
These courses are FREE where possible – please click here. No limit to the amount of CLPL you can book onto.
Add some fresh air to your CLPL programme!

Provide CPD/ CLPL opportunities (including NGB awards) enabling staff to build confidence and pass on skills and knowledge to young people in an outdoor learning environment.


All of the equipment and resources managed by Outdoor Learning is available for use – FREE

To book any type of day please call/email and we will help you complete a booking form if required

Outdoor Learning Service Redesign

A very well attended Outdoor Learning Service re-launch took place last week with a presentation outlining how the service will continue to move forward, meeting the needs of the East Lothian schools and community.  The presentation  highlights all you need to know about the sevices we offer…



‘Specialist Outdoor Learning Teacher Provision’ – Contact your schools allocated Outdoor Learning Teacher (Martyn or Andy) directly.

‘Adventure Award days’ – Complete the booking form and email to . You may wish to discuss this with your schools allocated Outdoor Learning Teacher before booking to tie the award days in with the schools overall outdoor learning programme.

‘Extra curricular/ Extra Requests’ – Complete the booking form and email to . You may wish to discuss this with your schools allocated Outdoor Learning Teacher before booking to tie the award days in with the schools overall outdoor learning programme.

‘Summer Activity Programme’ – Keep an eye out for the Summer Programme brochure (should be out to schools on 19th May 2014).  Let young people know they can book onto many outdoor sessions.

‘Staff Development (CLPL) Programme’ – Have a look at the sessions on offer through the website, complete the booking form and email to .