Progressive JA(zz)SS

Windygoul Primary have been progressing their orienteering skills from the school site to off site Orienteering at Levenhall.

ESOA Spring flyer

They are developing their orienteering skills as part of their JASS Award (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) – adventure section.
Having previously undertaken some simple orienteering training at school the pupils were well equipped to transfer their learning into the wider environs of Levenhall Lagoons, Musselburgh.

After some re-cap of previous knowledge concerning setting of maps using a cone activity – the pupils undertook a range of orienteering courses increasing in difficulty. They began with star courses (visiting one control); then some short loops (3 controls); and longer loops – up to 2 km in length.
In all the vast majority of pupils undertook around 5 km of competitive running. The competitive element as always came to the fore whilst using Sport Ident timing throughout. All pupils went away with thier timing printout from the various courses they successfully completed.

As always with orienteering – the pupils were required to show a great deal of responsibility undertaking the courses without being shadowed by an adult. All pupils responded well to this freedom.

Many pupils were asking about further oportunities to develop their orienteering and to introduce others. The local orienteering club for them is East Lothian Orienteers

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