A River Runs Through It

Pencaitland P5 class started the summer term with a day on and in the river. The staff helping the class to discover their learning came from the outdoor learning service; countryside ranger service; Dave Cain (class teacher). This combined approach meant that the whole P5 class could be out at once experiencing high quality outdoor learning. The focus of the day was a river study as part of their John Muir Award.

The class of 30 were split into 3 groups into 3 sessions over the course of the day – looking at (in the class teachers own words)
River profile – looking at rate of flow compared to the depth and width of the river. Also looking at erosion of the river banks, meanders and where the river has come from and where it is going.
River dipping – looking at the variety of life inhabiting the river (we caught numerous fish as well as insects) with particular emphasis on indicator species that show how “healthy” a river is.
Canoeing – looking at evidence of work undertaken to prevent erosion. Discussed terms such as trash line, flood plain and tributary. Also explored the industrial past of the river. And of course the skills of paddling a canoe and the teamwork involved.

It was fantatstic to be part of this well run day using a very local environment to the school and for the pupils to be able to compare/ contrats the section of river at Haddington with the section of the same River Tyne that flows right past the back of the school.

More photos available from the Pencaitland School blog

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