Ross High ASN Adventures

A great day had by all providing an outdoor learning day for all pupils in all classes of Ross High School ASN unit.

IMGP0253 The pupils enjoyed the great weather whilst experiencing cycling; canoeing; wildlife watching (and stroking); blokarting; kayaking; firestarting. The whole day was inspired by Gordon Muchall (teacher within ASN unit) who brought together a wide variety of organisations to help deliver the day. ELC Outdoor Learning; ELC Ranger Service; Beyond Boundaries East Lothian; Calvert Trust

Thanks and congratulations must go to all the staff and volunteers who worked incredibly hard to help all the pupils throughout the day. (Especially the staff who braved the excellent toilet facilities!) The exhausted but happy faces of all at the end of the day told of a great day. Keith from Outdoor Learning along with Gordon and volunteers will continue to work with individual classes to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors through canoeing every Wednesday at Musselburgh Lagoons. A very special thanks must go out to the volunteers (including a local councillor; a bus driver and others) who gave so much of their valuable time to help all. This day couldn’t have happened without them. Many thanks

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