Dunbar Primary P6 Kayaking Day

The sun was out and the pupils from Dunbar Primary P6 class were keen and eager to use the fantastic weather to their advantage. They had heard loads about what they would be doing from their classmates who had attended on previous days. It was clear from their questions that these young people were not going to be staying dry. “Will we get to jump in?” and “When will we get to jump in?” were asked with enthusiasm.

What followed were two receptive and enthusiastic groups learning the basic skills of kayaking. Forward paddling, back paddling, turning their boats and capsizing were accomplished without any problems. Games which put these new skills to the test were then undertaken.

The groups took responsibility for themselves and the equipment they were using and each participant recievied their Paddlepower Start Achievement Certificate. A brilliant (and soggy) day was had by all, including the OL staff member facilitating the day.

Great day team 😛

More photos below.


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