‘One Out – All Out’ with Law Primary P6

Not a strike by pupils but a planned walkout and overninght camp by all three P6 classes.

Law Primary P6 classes looked to develop their planning and preparation; physical stamina; independance; social cohesion by walking from the school for 3 mile to a coastal camping spot.

Here the pupils were required to put up their own tents; unpack their own rucsacs and prepare their own sleeping quarters. After which they took part in activities organised by their own class teacher – ‘Capture the flag’; Tiny shelter building; Night Line; Stories (true stories concerning the local North Berwick Witches)

After a hearty meal – all organised and managed by the school staff and a small camp fire the pupils then attempted to ensure they had a good nights sleep (the most challenging part of the whole adventure for some!) ready for the clear up and return walk to school for the next day

Well done to all pupils who seemed to take to their new venture with relish. Thanks to patrent helpers who assisted with the walk to and from school. But the biggest congratualtions and thanks must go to the school staff – being prepared and willing to take the whole class camping and making it a valuable learning experience for all is no more feat. It was a pleasure to be able to help.

More photos below – click on image to view fullscreen

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