Sea to Summit with Prestonpans Primary

Prestonpans Primary have a reward system in place for those students who make that extra effort in all aspects of school life. It was a pleasure to help deliver one of those reward lessons by accompanying the students from ‘Sea to Summit’ at North Berwick – just a little way along the coast from their school.

The students were tasked with looking after themselves and each other for trhe day whilst exploring closely the coastline and striving to reach the summit of North Berwick Law all within the school day.

Resilience; stamina; empathy; supportive were all qualities and behaviours that were evident throughout the day.

Seashore explored; Summit achieved; resilience shown – a very successful day.

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One Response to Sea to Summit with Prestonpans Primary

  1. Libby Jones says:

    What a fantastic day out – the youngsters are still raving about it. Thanks so much.

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