Waves of Empathy with Longniddry Primary

Longniddry Primary School P5 follwed up work that they had previously done on the seashore by joining the creatures and plants in trying to survive and thrive in the impact zone. ‘Littoral-ly a great day!’

The pupils took to the seashore armed with all their previous knoweldge which they shared with everyone and marvelled at the power of the sea and how the plants and creatures of the intertidal zone cling to the rocks day after day. On a relatively calm day the students were amazed at how difficult it was not to get swept off the rocks!

The students adapted themselves to surviving in this environment by spending time and effort getting into wetsuits; wetsuit boots; gloves; buoyancy aids; helmets. All participants agreed that this had been time well spent.

The pupils showed great responsibility in looking after one another in such a harsh and unforgiving environment.

Well done all

“Just wanted to say thanks very much for taking P5 Coasteering this week.  They all had a great time and a really positive experience.  Just gutted I didn’t get to come!”

More photos below

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