‘I love jumping in the river’

Education Scotland report concerning Learning for Sustainability.  Education Scotland conducted a series of visits to 20 schools and early years centres between June and September 2014 to seek their views and gather testimonies. Positive outcomes were reported in relation to:

  • Confidence and skills of learners
  • Learning experiences and motivation of learners
  • The reputation of the centres
  • Staff morale, wellbeing and motivation
  • Community partnerships and community spirit.

 The full report, which can be accessed by clicking on the image below, contains case studies from the establishments. Various sectors were included: early years establishments, primary and secondary schools and schools for learners with additional support needs (ASN).Learning for Sustainability

I have reproduced some of the great quotes below. All positive outcomes that we at the Outdoor Learning Service work closely with schools to achieve.

‘Instead of being stuck inside and being given a book, we get to actually do it and build dens. We do maths outside and all that good stuff. Other schools should give it a chance – other kids will want more maths. They’ll like coming to school more.’

‘Learning outdoors leads to pupils taking better responsibility for themselves and others.’ Headteacher

‘Outdoor learning adds more variety, it allows you to do bigger and messier things. It means learning can be noisier too.’

‘It’s more fun and a different way of learning. Using outdoor learning has helped reinvigorate my practice.’ Teacher

 ‘Learners are in involved in developing their own risk assessments for outside activities and areas. They are much more aware of how to keep themselves safe.’

 ‘I have noticed a great difference in my child, he is more settled and he comes home tired as he has been actively learning outdoors and he has been properly engaged.’ Parent

 ‘You can actually see what the teachers are talking about and you look at things differently when you learn outside of the classroom. It’s a different kind of learning – it’s more fun.’ Learner

‘Even though we live in an area with lots of nature, not all parents take their children out so it is great for children to experience jumping in the river or climbing over hills.’

‘The children will tell you more about outdoor learning than anything else.’

‘We have seen understanding of maths concepts increase through practical work outdoors and their understanding of the practical applications of mathematics and science in particular.’

‘All kids learn better outdoors.’

‘Staff are all on board with taking learning outdoors and are aware of the positive impact of taking learning outdoors. Staff do this with children year on year and they do so with such enthusiasm.’

 ‘I love jumping in the river.’



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