Getting Schooled in UK Trainings – What is LLA?!?

LLA - January 2015 032
Six ambitious educators and their fearless leader atop Traprain Law
Route planning under blue sky along the River Tyne

Starting my first week on placement as a post-graduate student in Outdoor Education from the University of Edinburgh, I had the pleasure of joining six educators out on their Lowland Leader Award Training. Being an outdoor educator from the US, I have been fascinated and impressed by the variety and quality of outdoor trainings available to educators around the UK in the name of safety and quality.

These educators spent much of the day studying their maps and keeping us located and safe. Discussions about risk management and route planning dominated much of the day, but there was also time spent identifying the flora and fauna of the area.

LLA - January 2015 005
Snowdrops blooming along the River Tyne
LLA - January 2015 026
Resident ponies on Traprain Law keeping the grass low






As the group made their way from East Linton to Traprain Law, by way of Hailes Castle, the weather changed over from blue sky to sleet and snow. It was a great opportunity for the group to talk about quick changing conditions and thoughts on group management in such weather.

LLA - January 2015 023All in all, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of knowledge that each of the participants brought to the course and their strong commitment to get their students learning outside the classroom.

For my first week on placement, it has opened my eyes to  the great opportunities available to Scottish educators.  The training allows a variety of teachers, not just Outdoor Educators, to become comfortable and confident in making the outdoors accessible to the student’s of this country. Keep up the great work and I hope all days end with great stories and blue skies!

LLA - January 2015 037

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