Linking up Outdoor Learning at Links Wood

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Two Belgian lecturers from the University Colleges of Leuven-Limburg  came to visit East Lothian Outdoor Learning Service this past week. This was a small part of a larger visit to the University of Edinburgh for some insight into how Scotland infuses outdoor education into students’ learning through the Curriculum for Excellence. Their goal…establish a teaching training program that utilises Outdoor Learning in Belgium.Erasmus Visit1

Environmentally-minded students that made up the Eco-Group at King’s Meadow Primary came out to Links Woods to learn more about the flora and fauna of their local area. The students worked hard to identify trees by their twigs and leaves – not an easy task in the middle of winter. They also worked together to: navigate the group; set up an large tent; gather wood for a small fire; enjoy a cup of cocoa whilst taking in their beautiful surroundings.

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The afternoon was spent hiking past WWII defensive barriers and basking in the sunshine and breeze of the East Lothian coastline of East Lothian.

All in all, the students came away from the day with a memorable afternoon of new experiences and new learnings. It was a great example of what quality outdoor learning can achieve if well planned and student-powered. Erasmus Visit5

Here are some comments from the students themselves: kpms letter

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