The Blair Necessities of Life


Hi my name is Blair and im from Musselburgh Grammar School and im doing work exprience at the outdoor learing service in Musselburgh for a week.

The first person i met when here was Keith he was really understanding and explained what they did, i also met Martyn who is one of many staff here and he also explained what he does and what i would be doing in my week. Ive been doing alot of jobs around the centre like working in the drying room sorting gloves,jackets and wellies all by size. ive been creating books for when they go out to go paddleboating and making sure there in order. ive been doing alot of sorting out equipment for when schools want anything for a trip. I have been in one of the meetings and seeing what they do, How they get along and what they are about, they might take a long time but its good to understand what they do.

On my third day alot of other people came in and they all had another meeting about a safety course of paddleboating and i attended it at the start but i never went out and done it cause i didnt have to do the course. Instead i went out with Andy who is another worker here and we went to the indoor rock climbing centre in Tranent. We were helping out a group from lindygow primary that came down to let off some steam on the climbing walls and it was really fun climbing aswell, some of the walls were quite hard but we managed through some help from Andy.

I have really enjoyed my days here at the outdoor education center and i might actually think of it as one of my career options. 🙂

On the high seas with the Ross High ASN (Lauren’s 2nd Post)

Hi my names Lauren and there are 2 pictures here of me and the group of kids from the additional support needs department in Ross High on the canoes at the lagoons in Musselburgh . It was a fantastic day and the weather was fab .

It was a really good experience for me and i really enjoyed being out on the canoes as it was my first time ever being on a canoe so it was a great experience and i hope to do it sometime agian .

IMG_1443There was 3 rafts /canoes that went out into the lake and there was Keith who went out with the two kids that were really inable to do alot and that needed the most help. I went out with Gordon who is the leader of the special needs group and also a support learner called Danielle . We went out with the kids that were most able to do things but still needed support . It was a fantastic day and i hope i can do it agian one day in the future also Andy who was another member of staff from the Outdoor Education Center  went out on a canoe with 2 other kids who were also most able to do things but agian still needed the support . The kids swapped around into diffrent canoes so they all had a turn with different members of staff but the members  of  staff just stayed in the same canoe and so did i at all times  so it was only the kids swapping about .

I really enjoyed this day and to be honest it was one of the best experiences i have ever had .



It’s not as dangerous as you think …

Here at the Outdoor Learning Service we deliver a range of adventurous activities, some of these have an element of risk … even danger! Our job here is to manage the risk to an acceptable level. The following graphic is a really interesting summary of risk (mortality!) across a range of activities; from Sky Diving to Scrabble and everything in between.

Definitely worth a peruse … when you read it though do bear in mind; 1. It’s USA data, and 2. The stats are about all participation, there is no distinction here between the risk to a participant in a group led by a qualified leader versus ‘Darwin Award’ individuals.

Enjoy …