Literacy through Orienteering

At a recent Teaching Orienteering 1 course we experimented with the use of Sport Ident timing controls for a literacy focused activity. the activity was well received by participants who then looked at how with a little tweak the same activity could be used for a whole host of curriculum areas whilst still managing to raise the heart rate through physical activity and look at how to navigate through use of a simplified map.

All Sport Ident equipment is available for any East Lothian school to borrow from your Outdoor Learning Service

Sport Ident literacy

The activity can be run in a very small space indeed. For this and more ideas on how to integrate orienteering into your curriculum please contact Martyn (

Next Teaching Orienteering Course 3rd (evening) and 5th (afternoon) February 2016. For further information and booking click here


More details on the activity from Sport Ident can be found here


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