Free Cycle Trainer Assistant & Cycle Trainer Courses Available

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bikeability scotland logoEast Lothian Outdoor Learning Service are happy to announce a new round of funding from Cycling Scotland. This funding is primarily to further the number of schools, within East Lothian, offering Bikeability Levels 1, 2 and 3, with an emphasis on Level 2. We are also looking to further develop the skills of existing volunteers to secure  sustainability throughout the county.

We are now offering Cycle Trainer Assistant Courses (CTA), Cycle Trainer Courses (CT) and a mentoring programme to support the needs of exisiting CTA’s & CT’s.

Cycle Trainer Assistant (CTA) Courses– Cycle Training Assistants deliver Bikeability Scotland training Levels 1 and 2 to school-aged pupils. This is a one day course.

By completing the course you can go on to plan and deliver cycle training sessions using out Bikeability Scotland Resources. In some areas you will receive mentoring and supervision form a Cycle Trainer while you gain experience.

To become a Cycle Training Assistant you should ideally be a competent cyclist and must be a minimum of 16 years old or 18 where working independently.

This course is free of charge, with the exception that all participants will go on to deliver Bikeability Scotland training to children. More Information Here

Cycle Trainer (CT) Courses– As a Cycle Trainer you can conduct risk assessments, plan, develop, and deliver learning sessions to anyone that wants to cycle. If delivering courses to children, this is known as Bikeability Scotland training.

You should be a minimum of 18 years of age, have experience of riding on busy roads and be fully competent on a bicycle to a Level 3 standard. Details of these can be found at

This is a four day course, with all sessions normally delivered within a month. This course is delivered free of charge. More Information Here

If you are interested in  either course please email

Wallyford P7s Day 1 – Hopes

This week Wallyford primary school’s P7’s were out following the course of the river Tyne over four days, visiting a different part of the river every day and participating in different activities each day.

On Monday we were up at Hopes reservoir  for a hill walk. The kids (and teachers) were learning how to use compasses and maps to navigate the area.

The kids took it in turns to lead the group to certain points along the route up to the dam where we saw the point where the Tyne is little more than a burn. We then had a quiz siting under the trees, which is not something you can usually do without water-proofs at the start of November, the kids were asked various questions about what they had been learning about such as identifying different game birds like grouse and pheasants and how to read a compass.

After this we headed back to the bus passing some of the burnt heather patches and a new area of young trees. The kids continued to lead us back to the bus and then told us what there favourite part of the day was. We all had a great day and are looking forward to the next.