East and MidLothian Orienteering Festival – The results!


Thanks to all the East Lothian and Midlothian schools who made this such a great day.

First, some top stats …

  • We had over 500 entries-  made up of pairs, teams and solos.
  • A total of over 900 pupils – up on last year.
  • A total of 24 primary schools. 12 from ML, 12 from EL – well up on last year.
  • Several schools brought OVER ONE HUNDRED pupils – amazing.
  • The pupils really went for it, they were challenged and they were buzzing.
  • It didn’t rain!

Now the Results . Having crunched the East Lothian numbers (and the judges decision is final) we are very pleased to announce the following  …

P5 Course
Fastest finisher – Joel, Pencaitland Primary School
Fastest school – Pencaitland Primary School

P6 Course
Fastest finisher – Angus – Law Primary School
Fastest school – King’s Meadow Primary School

P7 Course
Fastest finisher – Josh,  Direlton Primary School
Fastest school – Dirleton Primary School

We have trophies for each of the fastest schools, and we will be getting these engraved and sent out to Pencaitland, King’s Meadow and Dirleton shortly.   If you want to examine the details,  then the full results are here … results_2016

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped from East Lothian Orienteers,  Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club,  East Lothian Rangers Service Volunteers, MidLothian Active Schools, Venturing Out CIC – and again an especially big thanks to Robin and Sheila Strain for all their input , and especially keeping the IT running!

One last thing – this really is a great event , amazing to see this many pupil;  active, engaged and learning – really competing against others (or just with themselves).  If you want to get your pupils more involved in orienteering don’t forget that next Wednesday is World Orienteering Day 2016.

Let’s make it over 1000 pupils next year …

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  1. As one of the helpers, I’d like yo say what a pleasure it was to give all the kids the chance to take part in this great event. So much credit to “Mastermind” Martyn Pegg.

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