The LAWyers in action

Read about how exciting and creative playgrounds can be. Also look out for the fantastic interview responses with East Lothian’s own Law Primary School pupils – the LAWyers.

The Lawyers:
• “Without a bit of risk, what could we play?”
• “I think we should have a bit of risk because
like, I hope most people are clever enough to
not do any dumb stuff on a tiny bit of risk.”
• “What would you think if there was no risk?”
• “I think that because nearly everything has a
bit of risk, then everything would have to go
away then.”
• “We would just have plain concrete, then it
would look like the Savannah desert.”
• “The Sahara.”
• “Like it’s a never-ending desert.”

Adventure is everywhere!loosepartsplayClick on the image to access the full document.

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