Biking North

A year long development programme for up to 6 young people.  Meeting on a weekly basis, using biking and the outdoors as a vehicle to develop transferable life skills including responsibility, cooperation, resilience etc.  Enable participants to learn a new skill of cycling/ mountain biking and to develop the skills to become proficient enough to complete a 5 day self-supported expedition through the highlands of Scotland.  This will not only include having to look after themselves, but maintain the bikes as well.  A strong focus on Health & Wellbeing throughout the programme and opportunities for awards and certification.

The first month of this programme has now passed. It has been an absolute blast so far and you can see the distance travelled over the past month on the map below. Our most recent ride out covered over 40km.

The most rewarding aspect so far of the programme has been the fantastic attendance from all. For many of these young people regular attendance at anything can be difficult so it is great to see the effort that these young people continue to show.

The certification that the young people will be following will be the Youth Achievement Awards. We are looking forward to continue to work with all these young people and look forward to them achieving certification and look forward to a life enhancing expedition to the North of Scotland.