We are running our #EasterOHunt2022 across East Lothian. The idea is to to encourage more local adventures around your local town, discover hidden places and have fun. Join in with a bit of Easter fun with our photo Orienteering #EasterOHunt2022

7 towns across East Lothian have a map similar to below with accompanying photos. Take a walk, run, wheel around your town and match up the numbered locations to the correct lettered photo. All courses can be found on the link at the bottom of this page by clicking on the town name.

There are participation prizes which will be allocated after April 30th.

Your fun is to head out and navigate to the numbered points in your town and match the photo with the numbered pin.

Please share your efforts with photos and comments on social media mentioning your school and @ELOutdoorEd (twitter/ Instagram/ Facebook) and using the hashtag #EasterOHunt2022 Participation prizes will be awarded. (Open to all pupils at ELC schools) Please complete your course before the 30th April.

Please do not post evidence of your answers – we may ask for answers only if you are chosen for a prize. Suitable evidence of participation may include photos of you out and about in your town by the control pictures or similar.

The courses and photos are able to be viewed online. Please only print if absolutely necessary and you are able to. If necessary you could ask your school to print off a copy for you.

We look forward to sharing your stories of discovering your town through a little bit of physical activity.

All of these courses have been developed by DR – a wonderful volunteer in Outdoor Learning and a fantastic orienteering coach.

All of the courses can be found at the links below. Any problems or feedback then please contact us outdoorlearning@elcschool.org.uk