ACE Escape

We are now fully booked for 2021/22 academic session!

…if you wish to be on the waiting list just in case a school drops out before the programme starts in February – please fill in the booking form and we will get back to you if a week becomes available

An alternative camp programme for P7’s, designed to integrate with school based learning and support delivery of curriculum outcomes, specifically STEM.

The programmes are tailor made to each school and designed using active travel where possible therefore using the local area for adventurous activities. 

Click on the picture below for a overview of the programme

The programme:

Part A – In school/ online lessons delivered by an Outdoor Learning teacher, in partnership with class teachers, directly relating to STEM based agreed experiences and outcomes. All lessons linked to the text ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ – no cost to the school or pupils.

Part B – Two days of adventure activities (Mon /Tue or Wed/Thu) consisting of a short journey with challenges along the way. Adventurous activities including water and climbing – cost to the school/parents.

Part C – A half day review (Fri), back in school, reviewing and reflecting on the learning that has taken place – no cost to the school or pupils.

Priority will be given to P7’s on a first come first served basis after successful completion of an application form. Those pupils who have completed the Level 2 (on road) BikeabilityScotland programme may have the option of journeying by bike. This gives more options for adventure activities further from the school.

We will endeavour to provide a range of activities through the week. However, activities will depend on the location of the school,  the weather conditions on the day and any current COVID restrictions Activities can be changed at any moment due to a variety of reasons – weather, staffing. group etc. Please ensure that all parents/carers/pupils/staff are aware of possible programme changes

Cost:  £42.50 per pupil. Fully refundable if cancellation made due to COVID-19

What the school need to provide: 
* a link teacher who will support delivery of the classroom aspect of the programme
* a member of staff (or volunteer helper) for each group attending
* the school is also responsible for ensuring pupils come with a pack-lunch/snacks for the day

To book on : 

  1. Work out how many groups you need. Group size is approx. 10 pupils and a maximum capacity of 3 groups per week. If you’re a big school you may need to book more than 1 week
  2. Available dates will be between January & March.
  3. Complete the ACE Escape request form
  4. Letter to Parents Template – here
  5. PC1 – standard form – here
  6. EVOLVE – this planning and approval form must be started as soon as your booking is confirmed and submitted well in advance of the activities  N.B. Select Multi-activity when asked for the adventurous activities. You do not need to attach specific risk assessments, all activities are covered by the ELC OLS risk assessments as an external provider
  7. Overall School Bookings Plan – here
  8. ACE Escape Lesson Resourceshere

    Programmes may need to be changed at the very last minute depending on the weather conditions, tides, staffing, group ability, current COVID restrictions etc. Alternate activities that form part of the overall ACE-escape programme will be provided. We will do our best to inform you of these changes ASAP but in reality this may be the morning of, or possibly even during the activity. This is the nature of Outdoor Learning (especially in Scotland). Please make sure your staff, children and parents are aware of this.