Bikeability Scotland

Bikeability Scotland is the national cycle training programme for school children, supporting the next generation of confident and responsible road users. Free support is available from Outdoor Learning to deliver programmes tailored to your school.

Experiences and Outcomes associated with Bikeability Scotland include:

  • I am developing my understanding of the human body and can use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health. HWB 2-15a  
  • I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others, and to reduce the potential for harm when possible. HWB 2-16a
  • I know and can demonstrate how to keep myself and others safe and how to respond in a range of emergency situations. HWB 2-17a
  • I know and can demonstrate how to travel safely. HWB 2-18a

If you are keen to create a sustainable approach, perhaps as part of your Eco-Schools status, Active Travel or Learning for Sustainability plans, Bikeability Scotland Instructor training is available free to schools, and can be incorporated in to your programme. Courses are regularly added to the Outdoor Learning training calendar.

If you are intending to take part in the AWEsome programme, you will be given priority if your pupils have completed Bikeability Scotland Level 2 training by your chosen AWEsome programme dates.

How to book:

  1. Complete a REQUEST FORM
  2. Letter to Parents Template – here
  3. PC1 – standard form – here
  4. Letter to Staff/Volunteers Template – here
  5. EVOLVE – this planning and approval form must be started as soon as your booking is confirmed and submitted well in advance of the activities. You do not need to attach specific risk assessments, all activities are covered by the ELC OLS risk assessments as an external provider. Start the form now – here


I have got nothing but positive feedback for you and your team – myself and the staff have really appreciated your guidance and flexibility in how everything has been delivered and your support has been gratefully received by all and has boosted all of our confidence in delivering the programme.
Thanks all! 😊
‘- Quote from an East Lothian Primary School